Virtual IMD Adult Course 2021 - Teaching Platform

Participants have access to this teaching platform with the provision of 21 short lectures (total of 8 hours teaching) to cover fundamental knowledge about IMDs in adults. Access to the platform will be possible until October 31.

The teaching platform shall include the following lectures:

Classification of IMD: Angela Garcia Cazorla
Measuring metabolites in IMD: Simon Heales
Principles of treatments in IMD: Robin Lachmann
Principles of treatments for metabolic emergencies: Elaine Murphy
Dietary management of IMD: Patricia Nguyen

Hepatic glycogen storage disorders: Annalisa Secchi
Hepatic porphyrias: Janneke Langendonk
Urea cycle disorders: Janneke Langendonk
Liver transplantation in IMD: David Cassiman

Main muscular presentations (exercise intolerance and rhabdomyolysis vs permanent muscle weakness): Pascal Laforet
Treatment of the main groups of metabolic myopathies (mitochondrial, fatty acid oxidation disorders and muscle GSDs): Mirjam Langeveld

Nervous system
Mitochondrial overview: Rita Horvath
Treatments of mitochondrial disorders: Rita Horvath
Leukodystrophies & peripheral neuropathies : Fanny Mochel
Metabolic forms of spinocerebellar degeneration: Fanny Mochel
Neurometabolic medley (epilepsy, psychosis, eye & hear): Fanny Mochel

LSD overview: Carla Hollak
Treatments in LSD: Carla Hollak
Phenylketonuria (diagnosis, treatment, complications, pregnancies): Robin Lachmann
Organic acidurias: Elaine Murphy
IMDs in adults with multi-system disorders: Mirjam Langeveld